Camera bag purchase

First, camera bag material. First of all, we first note that camera bag outside package material. Generally, topical materials the most important functions of the camera is waterproof, anti-ground as well as fire prevention. These materials can be divided into two broad categories, a nylon or synthetic fiber, which features a waterproof, wear-resistant, easily pierced; the second is canvas, canvas has the advantage of very personal, comfortable, easy to wash and looks more elegant, but it is not waterproof. And when the surface of the canvas with some waterproof protection materials, or in the middle of two pieces of canvas and waterproof layer, which has waterproof features. Both materials have their advantages, customers can choose according to their preferences and actual use.
As for photographic material used within the package, early photography packages with cardboard grid. Such a bad place to be when moist will absorb water, camera bag with moisture and durability of such materials is not very strong. Now camera bag with thick foam board. Camera bottom, generally use relatively thick foam board, both to support the gravity of the whole camera bag, can also be effective in reducing vibrations.
Second, photography, package design. Camera bag design includes many aspects of content, including: space for individual points, grid design and can be adjusted, and so on, if it is Pocket-shaped, also note whether pocket size fit, take the convenience and safety of items such as cameras and so on. At the time of purchase, these design features to suit your site experience. In addition, camera bag sealed waterproof lining, zipper on the anti-theft lock strap slip on design, when users purchase the best look.
Third, the camera's size. Camera this specification is usually represented by its three dimensions. General in the product leaflet or instructions will be explained. From probably the size specifications, photography package size can be divided into tiny packages, small, medium and large packages. In addition, the photography packages also can be divided into: shoulder bags, shoulder bags and purses. Pockets are usually relatively small, and shoulder bags tend to be large. At the time of purchase, we have to reference to your existing equipment, combined with their travel-related cases to make a choice. For example the author for the first time equipment is used when choosing a camera bag Canon EOS 5 50mm F1.8, Sigma 28-200mm zoom lens and a Canon lens, outside a 420EX Flash and battery grip. According to their equipment and themselves don't travel often, I bought a shoulder bag of about a foot in length. Some small parts such as batteries, film, or even small pieces of clothes and so on can be mounted on the camera, I feel very good.
Now go out basically compact DC (digital camera), large traditional cameras rarely used, and accelerating the speed of the camera, surge in the number of non-professional cameras. Package requirements for photography has changed, one is not so big, the second is to hold as well as can hold the camera traveling portable items, so as to meet the requirements of our travel enthusiast.