Introduce common knowledge of textile fabric

Cloth inspection criteria "American standard four point scoring" cloth method for the determination of the common is the "four-point scoring". In the "four-point scoring", the highest score of four marks for any single defect. No matter how much fabric defects, to per linear yard (Linear yard) defect scores shall exceed four points.
For latitude and longitude and other defects in the direction of score for evaluation of surface defects in the following standards:
One point: defect length is 3 inches or less than 3 inches
Two points: defect length greater than 3 inches is less than 6 inches
Three points: defect is greater than 6 inches in length is less than 9 inches
Four points: defect length is greater than 9 inches
For severe defects, defects per yard will be awarded four points. For example, regardless of size, all holes will be awarded four points.
For the continuous emergence of defects, such as rungs, narrow edge to edge color, fabric width, creases or irregular, uneven dyeing of cloth, each code defect should be awarded four points.
Score of each code defect shall not exceed four. Score calculation
The accepted level of different species
Sampling procedures
Other considerations evaluation of cloth grade
Fabric defect terminology score calculation:
After each roll of cloth have been examined, in principle, add up can score. Then press to accept the level of ratings, but because of the different letters of the cloth it must have a different level of acceptance, so if calculated with the following formula in per 100 square yards of cloth per volume fraction, but to introduce a designated score under 100 square yards, assessment of degree can be devised of different fabrics.
(Total number of x 36 x 100)/(subject size x width of the cloth can be cut) = 100 square yards of the accepted level of scores of different species
Different types of fabrics are divided into the following four categories.
Exceed a specified fraction of a single roll of cloth should be made second-class product. If the whole cloth of the average score over the specified grade level, that the cloth should be considered as failed the test.