Manufacturing Procedures

  Manufactur Procedurers is as below:

  1. Arrange raw material: if customized material, usually needs around 10days

  2. Lamination: The glue must be all ROHS passed glue

  3. Cutting: When materials dry, it will be cut piece by piece based on the case size

  4. Heating: the cutted material need to be heated before hot-pressing

  5. Hot-pressing mouldingļ¼š After heated, the material will shaped with hotpressing

  6. Trimming:After shaped, we need to trim neat and clean

  7. Quality inspection:Before sewing, we need to check the quality of the shaped EVA to make sure all the case sewed are good quality

  8. Sewing: The most improtant step, sewing

  9. Packing: after sewing, and second time inspection, the case will be packed.