Mobile phone protective shells use

With the accelerated development of science and technology. beauty as a new industry in the industry of science and technology students. IT fashion brand with the diversification of markets. Mobile phone brands and increases the function of diversification. Mobile Shell texture leather. silicone rubber. cloth. plastic. soft plastics. cashmere. silk and other goods. mobile phone protective shells not only as decorations to make your mobile phone becomes a landscape more protects your phone. shatter-resistant. waterproof and shockproof!
1. protection of mobile phones. left in case something hard on the phone's screen. or scratches;
2. cell phone shell can print on a variety of colors. can also be customized paint. play the role of beauty. printing of fashion patterns or pictures on your mobile phone. creating a pattern of mobile phone protective shells allow your personality stand out;
3. silicone protective case can prevent nails a long time contact with key scratches. wear. protective screens and buttons. and to skid;
4. mobile shell. also has a signal effect. because some mobile phone casing and metal contacts after the formation of the magnetic field interferes with cell phone signals. for wearing insulated casing on the mobile phone. you can enhance the signal;
5 and now many Smartphone cases a fever. so some manufacturers with thermal graphite mobile phone shell;
6. beautifying mobile phone case. cell phone full of personality. cool.
Mobile phone protective shells can be divided into: leather. TPU. silicone. plastic. Crystal. clear water shell. shell. environmentally-friendly PC casing. metal and wooden shells.
The traditional processing technology: using technology currently on the market are more injection type. spray-type. print. ink-jet type. laser type. IML. skin type. leather categories. such as diamond-class. oxide etch.
Features editor
Mobile phone protective shells there are basically three functions: protective. decorative. given functional.
Basic features: slip-proof. shock-proof. scratch-resistant. shatter-resistant. wear-resistant. unique. cool. strengthen the signal and enhance life.