Packet classification

Packet classification
Package according to styling style and uses for classification has: life with package (leisure package, and fashion package, and banquet late loaded package, and tube package, and di package, and pockets, and beach package, and makeup package, and silver package), and official and career with package (ladies package, and men package, and Briefcase), and movement and travel with package, and dedicated package (students package, and computer package, and camera package, and phone package, and key package), and creative package,.
1, casual bags
Leisure package is used with the casual clothes of a package: it includes hand bags, shoulder bags, wallet, backpack and Suo Bao types, with convenient, casual style, is now the most widely applicable types of bags. Leisure bag in style use a hardware and software design, more styles, a variety of shapes and designs of different switching modes. Plane Division structure, solid fold, weaving and other forms. Color-rich, single color or combination of colors designed color schemes to choose from. Materials are mostly made of soft leather or soft cloth. Bag surface and corners by attaching a decorative pattern, and all kinds of accessories, to create a free and lively, casual atmosphere.
2, fashion bags
Fashion bags are designed for fashion and design, is extremely popular and timely, modelling and applications, emphasized trendy and funky, sometimes because of material and popular general fashion bag shape is consistent with material selection and fashion style. Simple square-oriented fashion bags, chip Division, design patterns, and decorative accessories and appropriate curve design element with some feminine features. Color design in black, such as black, Brown, and red, and designed according to the color on the color card. Fashion bags in the choice of materials with natural leather and synthetic leather, through water, open and dye process form a large number of different varieties. Modern women have better economic power, is the mainstream shopping, designers should comply with bag design gives attractiveness of thousands of flowers, so that it is as exciting as changing clothes.
3, party, evening bags
Luggage of knowledge
Dinner, evening bag more decorative than practical, generally carry seats for women formal social occasions, such as dinners, cocktail parties, etc. This type of package, a thin, compact, surface with artificial beads, sheet metal, embroidery, lace and metal decorations.
4, cylinder bag
Drum Pack is a pack of cylinder-shaped appearance. Barrel bag for everyday life, carried out with leather or Oxford cloth and other materials. Tube packs according to overall size can also be divided into smaller cylinders, cylinder and cylinder. Tube packs more color to monochrome or color combination.
5, Dee (dance)
Dee bag is a backpack, Pack small, everyday life or for young people participate in a disco ball or other ball carrying. Di packages usually in leather, artificial leather, light leather, thin canvas, denim, Oxford cloth and other materials, often decorated with rivets, metal sheets, printed patterns on the surface. Color black and red, black, blue.
6, Pocket
Purses are fixed at the waist of a package, purses smaller pocket styling with the pockets functional requirements in the original pocket styling has changed, pockets on the material often used in leather, synthetic fiber, printed denim production, Pocket color to no color and the color matching or color gray. Are available for travel or everyday life.
7, beach bags
Beach Pack is of a very casual bags. Multipurpose fabric color, fine cloth, canvas, denim, leather, straw, hemp, transparent material, such as lightweight materials. Beach bag shapes relatively simple keys, inclusion is unity, dominated by bright colors, women are very strong, the picnic, beach leisure carries.
8, cosmetic bags
Store cosmetics-cosmetic bag is a women-only class of packets due to cosmetics there are lots of styles, cosmetic bag-used decorative fabrics and lace, beads, silks, prints and other decorative. Common cosmetic bag shapes are round, square and RADIUS, ellipse, fan-shaped and ladder-shaped, heart-shaped, etc. There is a small cosmetic bag bags such as lipstick, eyebrow tweezers, powder cartridges, bags fertilizer bags and so on.