Tank classification

Boxes are classified by style and use are: Executive-cases, suitcases (trolley), mini box (hardware), professional, creative box for boxes, and so on. 1, business case Business travel wardrobe boxes are by box and evolved design of automobile travel, is specifically designed to meet the career services needs of the upper class of luggage products. Official box styling simple generous, package surface outside has flat of right angle shaped, and round angle shaped and side slightly radian of right angle and round angle party form, box lock design main has brass key lock, and two round or three of password on lock, and three of password long lock, form, box surface color more for black, and Brown and various low lightness of containing grey, fabric and in material more selection waterproof canvas, and natural leather, and regeneration leather, and plastic and aluminum,. 2, travel case Luggage of knowledge Suitcase is take a travel box, box larger, holding a variety of clothing and gear. Suitcases are divided into hardware and software structure, more select cuboid designs, often curved corners, designed the lever, wheel, frame and other portable devices. Soft suitcases used waterproof canvas or leather, scrubbed due to inconvenience, so the General options on the color design lightness and lower purity form of single color or combination of colors. Rather hard plastic travel case color design will not be affected by brightness and purity of restrictions, are free to choose any color on the color card, their form generally use the universal password lock box lock design. 3, mini box (hardware) Mini box, also known as a hardware package is a modern fashion handbags and combination of traditional craft products, boxes and packages of double features, which place cell phones, make-up bags, wallets and other paraphernalia. Mini bags (hardware bag) and shaping materials using traditional craft-making, box style rectangular body, ladder body, cylindrical and multilateral and other forms. Color design in a variety of pale pink and grey series, monochromatic or multicolor The color effect of combination design can achieve very good. Choice of materials include leather, light metals, plastics, glass, tempered glass, and so on. Box lock design there are locks, the locks, wheel locks, hasps and other forms. But they have very subtle and simple decoration, often with surface segmentation and Ming wanted lines and ingenious metal parts for local decoration. 4, professional box Box includes photography for professional use with boxes, health and medicine box, cosmetic box, suggestion box, and so on, depending on the application design. 5, creative box Creative box refers to the design of modeling is to break box, shapes, colors, materials, decoration design elements with strong visual impact. By culture, taste and aesthetic is much higher than conventional boxes ... Design should be designed around the key, especially box design implications, rather than having to keep up with everything.