Waterproof bag material Constitution

Ingredients has waterproof fabric, main is with in before and after site and the surrounding, mutual Zhijian to bonded up, not leaking, strength to enough must of index; carry system can with traditional of way build, up or to outside best using Shang waterproof fabric, as shoulder with surface, down to within surface to General fabric on line has, whole carry system added breathable back pad to overall of a big patch car sewing to Hou site shang, then from bags cavity within fill Fusion a waterproof fabric, to reached waterproof purpose; within bags using traditional material can, But car sewing attached in Hou site or Qian site above Shi, also to note waterproof need; part weaving with connection bags body at also to first car sewing Hou voltage fusion waterproof fabric; bag opening to with waterproof zipper aspects opening and closing or with folding bags mouth way to switch; part bags will playing Shang PE Board, to support bags body shape and share weight, PE Board is to hit nail and bags body phase combined, to note select right specifications of hit nail, playing into Hou detection not leak for associate, strictly of said Hou site of PE Board also belongs to carry system of part; other material as magic posted, and Out next, adjust the buckle, d buckle, clasp, clasp, d-day foot mat, elastic band rope, webbing, Ribbon, reflective material and so on.