Analysis Of Automation System Of GPS Case

Because of the characteristics of high speed, heavy load and no pollution to the situation, electrified railway has become the inevitable trend of railway development in our country, the railway network in China is more than 60,000 kilometers, of which the electrified railway has reached more than 10,000 kilometers, which is to study the integrated automation technology of electrified railway traction substation. For the traction power supply system safe, stable and reliable operation, has very important significance.GPS Case

The various kinds of sheltered assembly scattered in the distance layer have the function of measuring (alternating sampling), controlling and can network communication besides the function of sheltering. In addition, each set of sheltered assembly has a 12-way drive into the loop, can be entered into the switch position, the location of the knife gate, the handcart position, pulse electricity, remote operation and other related signal signals. The sheltered assembly can be installed directly in the switchgear cabinet, and can also be assembled in a group screen.GPS Case

The whole system is divided into two layers: the distance layer and the substation layer. Each assembly in the distance layer is connected with each equipment of the switch field through the routine two times of the process, and the assembly in the CANbus Fieldbus distance is connected with the local monitoring main station (ARAS3001). The substation layer equipment mainly includes the local control main station, the remote main station (with the local control main station), and the dispensing end through the process modem connection. At any time, the running state of traction network and equipment can be monitored on line. In case of failure, the protection should be removed quickly, so that the fault is limited to a minimum range, while the online calculation, fault location, filtering, information transmission and intelligent control of the traction network are completed.GPS Case

The sheltered assembly is mainly used in the main transformer of the electrified railway traction power supply system, as the Low-voltage side back-up refuge of the transformer. Its main functions are: three harmonic lock low voltage starting overcurrent asylum, over load asylum, PT disconnection Alarm, control loop alarm, current measurement, temperature measurement and can network communication functions. The assembly can be 0 butyl supply, can also constitute a traction substation automation system complete sets of supplies.GPS Case