Bags For Maintenance

Bag maintenance: keep dry, store in a cool and ventilated place.
Avoid exposure, fire, washed, sharp objects and exposure to chemical solvents.
Handbag without any water treatment process, wet bags, please wipe dry with a soft cloth to avoid leaving stains or watermark that appears on the surface presentation. If you use on a rainy day, particular attention should be paid.
Not suitable for use with shoe Polish.

Avoid wet scrub skin should be rubber, clean and special care, you should not use shoe Polish.
Care should be taken to protect all metal parts, salt high and humid environments can cause oxidation. Save leather handbags tips
Leather bag when not in use, save the best placed in a cotton cloth, do not put plastic bags because air circulation within the plastic bags, leather will dry and damaged. Package the best stuffed soft toilet paper, to keep the purse shape. If there is no suitable bag, old pillow cases are also very well.
Purses and shoes as, is another a type State of activity material, daily are using same of purses, is easy caused cortex of elastic tired, so to like shoes as, several interactive using; purses if not carefully lane wet has, can first with dry towel sucking dry water, inside again plug some newspaper, and magazine like of things shade, do don't directly in Sun Xia exposure, that will makes you beloved of package return color, and deformation,.