Captain's Armband Classification And Pattern

           The captain's armband refers to the sign that the captain of the football team wears on the arm. Every football match, the captain of each team has to wear the armband, if the captain is replaced, then he will wear the armband on another field player arm.

          Paste type: Usually in the official game of the professional will wear this kind of armband. The armband is placed in a rectangular shape, the left lower part and the right upper (or left upper, right lower part) are all sticky substances. When wearing the armband on the arm, will be two pieces of paste on the good adhesion can be.Armband

           Elastic type: The armband cannot be tiled. There are several elastic bands in the middle of the back of the armband, fully utilizing the elastic band to support the armband and wrapping the armband directly on the arm. If the arm is very thin, and the armband width is wide, then the armband is easily dropped.Armband

           Bonding type: This is a new type of captain's armband. The Fifa-labeled captain's armband has this type of blue and yellow. In the paste place next to the upper and lower two elastic bands, can make the armband tightly on the arm, so that the captain on the field run, the armband is not easy to fall off.Armband

           Can be divided into FIFA standard, public service standard, common C-word standard, national flag, Football Association, Club standard, brand standard and common logo.

           FIFA mark: logo for FIFA fair competition. (FIFA Fair Play Sy game is fair play) most of the World Cup, the world Green tournament, Confederations Cup and other world competitions. Marked with orange, dark blue, light blue, light yellow of several points, according to the color of the shirt decided to wear what color standard.

          Public service: The pattern has "against racism" (say No to Racism); "United Nations Children's Fund" (UNICEF) and so on. Most intercontinental competitions for the national team, such as the 08 European Cup team captain's Golden Green armband, are "public-spirited", a few for clubs. For example, Maldini, Milan, has worn the "UNICEF" public service.Armband

          Common C-word: Whether it is the national team, or the club, everywhere visible. C is the first letter of the captain's English word Captain.

          Flag: Some national team captain, in some international competitions, such as warm-up or World Cup qualifier, the captain's armband is the national flag. For example, France, Germany (Germany, some of the captain of the club even wear the German flag pattern of the captain's armband), Turkey, Senegal, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Spain and so on. Wearing the flag, often to the players is a kind of incentive, the hearts of more countries, the country is on the shoulders.Armband