Characteristics Of Ready StockTrading

          (1) The longest time exists. Spot trading is one of the oldest trading methods, and it is also a kind of trading mode that innovates and changes flexibly in the course of practice. The earliest barter is a kind of spot trading mode, with the development of social economy, the breadth and concentration of commodity exchange expands, and the concrete method of spot transaction is increasing. From the initial exchange of things, the development of the general use of retail, wholesale, agent transactions, cash, credit, bills, trust transactions, and so on, are mostly the specific application of the form of spot trading.Ready Stock

          (2) The coverage is widest. Because the spot transaction is not subject to the transaction object, the transaction time, the transaction space and so on, it is one of the most widely used trading methods. Any commodity can be done by spot trading and people can get the goods they need at any time and at any place. In People's daily life is the most contact is also the "hand-money, hand-goods" spot transactions.

          (3) The randomness of the transaction is greatest. Because the spot transaction has no other special restrictions, the transaction is more flexible and convenient, therefore, the transaction randomness is big.

          (4) The shortest time of settlement. This is the essence of spot trading, which distinguishes between forward and future deals. Spot trading is usually a real-time transaction, the payment is fair, or in a relatively short period to implement the goods settlement activities. It should be pointed out that some transactions, such as credit transactions in the form of physical delivery and delivery of goods in the time there is a certain interval, but still belong to the scope of the spot transaction.Ready Stock

         (5) The price signal of the transaction is short. Because the spot transaction is an immediate or in a very short period of time to complete the transaction of the goods, therefore, the price of the seller and the buyer can only reflect the prevailing market prices, can not represent the future market changes, so the spot price does not have guidance to the production and operation of the guidance role. If the producer or operator arranges the future production and operation activities with the spot price, the risk of price fluctuation is very high. This characteristic of spot trading is its shortcoming.Ready Stock