Choice Of Sports

For people who love outdoor run, almost nothing more important than having a special backpack comfortable and beautiful and practical. Whether you are a whitewater adventure, field trips, wilderness photography, stream fishing, mountain tours. So choose a suitable bag is particularly important.
Outdoor backpack features
1. backpack-used materials have been waterproofed, and very wearable.
Bandwidth 2, backpack back and thick, and share the backpack weight belt.
3. supporting inclusion of the large backpack has aluminum frame or external aluminum frame, supporting inclusion of a small backpack back hard sponge or plastic sheet.
4. backpack on the plate tend to indicate purpose. Such as"OUTDOOR PRODUCTS" (outdoor specific products).
Types of outdoor sports
1. backpacks.
Two categories: one is the large volume of 50--80 litres bag; the other is 20--35 litres in size small backpack, also known as"surprise package". Great climbing Pack is mainly used for climbing mountaineering material for transport, small backpacks are generally used for high-altitude climb or attack. Hiking special backpack is to cope with the extreme conditions, production of sophisticated and unique, elongated, designed according to the body's natural curves in the back of the package so that enclaves close to the man's back in order to relieve pressure on straps on the shoulders. These packs are waterproof, will not leak even in heavy rain. In addition, hiking packages except for hiking and other adventure sports (rafting, walking through the desert, etc) and long trips are also widely used.
2. bags.
Large bags and backpacks are similar but different body shapes, positive through the zipper of the bag fully open, very conducive to handling things like mountaineering bags are usually the top cover from the top of the package within the items into a bag. Wide range of small bags, be sure to select the carrying comfort, rather than just pay attention to appearance.
3. bike bag.
Divided into bag and backpack-type categories. -Bag can carry, can also be hung in front of the bike or the back shelves. Backpack-type mainly used in high speed riding bike trip. Bicycle bag with reflective light reflective strip, to ensure security when riding at night.
4. back packs.
These package inclusion and external aluminum frame composition. Used to carry larger items easily into my backpack, photo boxes, tanks, etc. In addition, many backpacks indicated at the sign is often suitable for what sports