Detailed Explanation Of Ready Stock

    In the spot transaction is the one hand to pay the money to deliver the transaction way, or to take the barter goods the transaction way. Spot transactions generally apply to agricultural and sideline products trading, small wholesale and retail transactions. In China, retail enterprises in the spot transactions, generally take the hand to collect money, silver goods versus way; wholesale enterprises spot transactions, in addition to take the hand to collect money in the way, but also to adopt a Bank d in the manner of settlement within the period. Spot transactions and other ways of dealing with different points are: ① in the purpose of the transaction, is to obtain the ownership of goods. ② in the way of trading, generally through one-on-one negotiations between the two parties, do not have to focus on a specific time and place.Ready Stock
    Spot real goods. ① Commodity Futures trading process with physical attributes, can be carried out by the actual delivery of products, such as gold, soybeans and so on. In the event of a transaction, the seller shall deliver to the purchaser on the maturity date of the futures contract. In fact, many futures transactions that can be delivered are closed before the date of delivery, and there are few real spot deliveries. ② spot Commodity under the concept of spot. That is, the goods that can be delivered immediately are the general commodities traded on the market. When the seller delivers the goods to the buyer, the buyer pays the price. Relative to commodities traded under futures contracts.Ready Stock
    With the advent of the Internet, the world has gradually become a global village, based on the information on the basis of the spot electronic transactions on the stage of the new economy. Spot electronic transactions (also known as commodity electronic transactions, or spot warehouse transactions) is the spot warehouse for the transaction of the subject matter, the use of computer networks for the centralized bidding and trading, unified deal, unified settlement payment, price quotes real-time display of the transaction. Its essence is the electronic commerce of the spot commodity. "Commodity electronic trading norms" for commodities made clear provisions: can enter the circulation, but not retail links, with commodity attributes used for industrial and agricultural production and consumption of large quantities of material goods.Ready Stock
    A voucher for the ownership of goods by the market to the owner of the goods after the goods have been delivered to the fixed warehouse by the cargo owner. After the spot warehouse is registered with the trading market, it can be traded through the Internet into the spot trading market trading system. Spot warehouse list can be freely transferred in the market, trading, can also be carried out in kind of spot settlement. Spot trading is actually a standardized warehouse order transaction. Spot trading is to use the network as a tool to E-commerce mode of transactions, buyers and sellers do not meet, to the electronic trading market as a trading platform, national government for the referee; is a combination of online and network, the reality and virtual combination of traditional economic and economic integration of the combination of the double win mode, fully resolved the spot commodity transactions of the source, customer source, online settlement, logistics and distribution of many difficult problems of the transaction form.Ready Stock