Different Bags Of Clean

Bag cleaning and maintenance tips
Tip: the official use of any maintenance agent or detergent in an inconspicuous corner to try before. Problems stopped immediately, no problem before widespread use.
Generally speaking, clean purses are used for a variety of different cleaning brush or a clean cotton cloth, dust and dirt removal.
Leather bag if you use a leather cleaner to clean, do not use shoe Polish! Glasses wipe cloth is cheap and easy to use help, won't scratch your beloved bag evenly to get the bag back. bi-Rachel can do maintenance agent or clear stain; olive oil can also be used as skin and maintenance with a choice of one of the.
Leather best frequently use and common albatross wipes. If you encounter rain and damp or mildew, use a soft dry cloth to wipe away water stains or mold. But don't rub water and gasoline, because water can cause leather to become hard and volatile oil of gasoline can make the leather dry. Without any waterproof bag handlers, so after the bag was wet, please dry immediately with a soft cloth to avoid leaving stains or watermark that appears on the surface presentation. If you use on a rainy day, particular attention should be paid.
Cloth bags travel easily in the process dust, dust regularly with a vacuum cleaner, tools are indispensable. but can not use the brush close to the cloth so as not to booty remained in oil on canvas. When stains on fabrics, can be used to add detergent water wash and twist to slightly wet towels, wipe the spot, can repeat several times until clean, then wash with towel and twist to dry wipe dry.
Regardless of the material of any package, should be placed in a ventilated place dried after cleaning, don't take Sun in order to make it faster, because after a water wash bag, is the most vulnerable time, sudden exposure to high temperatures can lead to bags of fade or leather hard, brittle.
Hardware maintenance on the package, it should be wiped with a dry cloth after use. Such as micro-oxygenation, try using flour, or you can gently rub the toothpaste metal.
Special packages and special stain treatment. yellowish White leather bag, you can brush a little neutral detergent, wipe entire bag, sewing part with an old toothbrush to clean.
When dirt adhesion, gently with an eraser to clean, finally, colourless leather cream carefully coated with it.
Plain white bags can also use dilution of 84 disinfectant or bleach, small-scale test before they can use. Brown Bag series can attempt to wipe skin with banana, this bag can be polished, can also become more clean. Grease can use detergent removal or after cleaning with oxalic acid before dilution with a toothbrush dipped to clean pollution, further conventional treatment.
Ballpoint pen mark removal methods: there are color fabric ballpoint pen mark, available 95% alcohol, or before cleaning, brush with Amway direct in writing, not water, parking 5 minutes after conventional treatment.
Packages available to glue on white oil (oil-stain) removal, white oil to the chemical supply stores. Patterns can also be used under the small scale tests using remove.
Bag corners of flaking or worn after using color markers coated with bag would not be too conspicuous.
Common detergents or tools: detergent, Amway, bi-Rachel NET, collar, toothpaste, alcohol, an eraser, soft hair brush
Bleach, 84 liquid disinfectant (only for white bag) yourself useful cleaning agent: amount of water (not too much) into milk > 50 grams, dishwashing liquid 30 g and 20 g of alcohol, with a soft brush dipped in a mixture of liquid and gently brush and then with a damp towel to wipe off the foam was OK. (Ordinary soup spoon a spoon of water of about 15 grams)