Domestic Luggage Enterprise Development Situation And Tendency Of E-commerce

E-business concepts from 1993 was first introduced in China by 2006 China's annual turnover exceeded 1 trillion yuan in the field of electronic commerce, only 13 years; in that period, whether for mode of B2B, B2C model, or C2C model is to obtain a good development, e-commerce economic development such as ”rocket speed” generally, stimulate the nerves of manufacturers ... ... In this context, Alibaba, Taobao, HC, Jingdong Mall and other large integrated, professional e-commerce platform rapidly, established its position in the industry, a large number of industry-specific e-commerce platforms have sprung up welling up. In recent years, Tencent, Baidu and other Internet giants, represented according to a huge number of users built a ”pat on the net”, ”Yes” and other trading platforms, and entities of the industry leading enterprise with own brand promotion, e-commerce platform for business officials also began competing on stage.
At present, e-commerce is booming
Local leather companies e-commerce development
After several years of rapid development, the domestic leather industry has been rapidly growing, a large number of leather businesses has gone through a period of primitive accumulation of capital, and to brand the economy, fashion economics, e-commerce economic development. Faced with huge areas of e-commerce market, manufacturers cannot be unmoved. From an overall perspective, shoes, leather bags and other segments of the high level of e-commerce, leather and fur products penetration is low. In leather original auxiliary material aspects, due to products property of particularity, its most go large of, and integrated type of and professional sex of e-commerce platform mainly, as Alibaba, and Hui Cong and the industry size professional website,; and in finished class of shoes, and bags leather, and leather clothing, and fur clothing, field, trading platform of select way on more diversification, except Alibaba, and Taobao, and Hui Cong, and Jingdong Mall, large platform zhiwai, Has strong funds strength and high brand visibility of local line brand enterprise or independent established himself of official shopping website, as hundred Li of ”Amoy show network”, and aokang of ”aokang network Mall”,; or in Taobao, and Taobao Mall, and Jingdong Mall, and Le Amoy online shoes city, large integrated shopping platform established himself of official flagship shop, as conwise, and Red dragonfly, and Wan Lima, and spider King, and meaning, Kang, and wood Linsen, and sollo,. In addition, there are a large number of outstanding brand of agents in Taobao, Taobao Mall and other shopping network shop, or network counters; and for most of the two or three lines brand leather enterprises with the most brand awareness is not high, except in addition to exerting force with three or four lines in the traditional channels of marketing, the road to e-Commerce Alibaba, HC and other platforms take a big circulation sales route.
”From the industry as a whole, China leather enterprise e-commerce and e-business management level is still low, only a few large brands of enterprise developing e-commerce businesses, but its breadth and depth is yet to be further explored.
As the industry entry threshold low, leading to enterprise's comprehensive strength levels, mostly in medium and small enterprises, due to the owner's own vision, capital, technology, talent, and brand constraints, they in the field of electronic commerce are not powerless, is lack of knowledge, its regional competition also mainly focus on sales of the market. ”So one industry insider told reporters.