Failure Analysis Of Laptop Case

Bad hardware contact or hardware failure, recommended rework. Here are the desktop solutions that you can refer to. In the book to copy a case: He also appears your same fault (two or more times to press the boot to enter the system, of course, you are not the fault, you can refer to the overhaul).Laptop Case

According to the failure phenomenon analysis, the operating system is basically normal, the fault should be hardware. Check the memory separately with the substitution method, video card, hard disk, CPU, motherboard and other equipment, in the examination of the motherboard, found the replacement motherboard, the failure disappeared, carefully check the motherboard found that the motherboard power connector has a few pins have virtual welding traces, the virtual welding of the stitch after the welding test, troubleshooting. There is no way to troubleshoot the computer (there is no drum capacitor in the overhaul).Laptop Case

If the fault is still, then open the host box to see if there is any extra metal in the chassis, or the main board deformation caused by the short-circuit, smell the chassis has no burnt paste, the motherboard has no burnt chip, the CPU around the capacitor has no damage and so on. If not, then clean the dust on the motherboard and check to see if the computer is normal. If the fault is still, then unplug the motherboard on the reset line and other switches, led connection, and then use a screwdriver short-circuit switch to see if it can boot.Laptop Case

If the failure persists, the failure may be caused by devices such as memory, video card, CPU, motherboard, and so on. Then the use of interpolation, Exchange method and other methods to check the memory, video card, CPU and other equipment is normal, if there are damaged equipment, replace the damaged equipment.Laptop Case