GPS Case Installation

Now the computer has become the necessary information tools for thousands of households, and now with the increase in computer products, how to maintain computer hardware, improve the life of the computer has become the most concerned about the topic of consumers. Here we will tell you about the computer chassis internal cleaning and fan maintenance tips.GPS Case

The computer radiator looks very simple, but the fans in the fan are very fine parts, it is related to the performance of the radiator and life. The same size of the fan, the speed of the radiator can take how much heat, while determining the size of the noise, the length of life. Some fans, especially oil-bearing fans, just bought when the normal operation, only with more than a month, the noise began to become larger, the speed is slow, dust and no oil is caused by the main fan of the main noise the reason. And the main chassis is dust, under normal circumstances three months to clean it.GPS Case

Inside the chassis to clean up the dust, you can use the rubber balloon and brush, gently clear, inside the chassis in addition to the fan do not need to add lubricants. Be sure to let the computer work in a clean or dusty environment, and pay attention to let it rest. Otherwise, the cooling fan die, CPU and motherboard may be "reimbursement" of the.GPS Case

General chassis fan is installed in front of the chassis, the cold air from the front of the suction blowing over the motherboard, and finally discharged from the power supply fan, the formation of convection. It is best to consider the direction of the air flow problem, the best way is to install a fan before and after the direction of the distribution, and then the whole chassis cooling effect is very good.Fire front fan blowing inside, rear fan blowing on the outside. The formation of convection CPU, graphics cards, hard drives, optical drives, Northbridge, South Bridge and other chips on the board at all times in the heating chassis air, if not the heat out of the box, will seriously affect the parts of the heat, affecting the computer life The Measured that the chassis installed chassis chassis than the chassis did not install, the box temperature is lower 5 ~ 10 ℃, can significantly improve the box parts and electrical components of the working environment.GPS Case