Headphone Bag Making Process

As the most basic production process, most of them are used for plane stitching of inner and inner parts. The stitching of such a process must be consistent and beautiful, and the stitching cannot have the phenomenon of beading, jumping stitches, disconnection, etc., including the final thread. Exposed.

The column car process, the column car process represents the highest requirement for making EVA bags, and it belongs to the sewing process. It is characterized by the fact that there are pillars under the sewing position when stitching, and the finished product produced by such a process has a very good three-dimensional effect. The knots on the sides and the bag will be more perfect, and the lining is neat and tidy.

Buried, anti-bag process. As the name implies, it means the reverse of the product's lining. The treatment can stitch the outer body and the side of the product inside, which makes the appearance of the product more tidy, and the appearance of the product can also be very good. Shape.

High car sewing process. In the process of making the finished product, the face is separated from the inner part, so that the large surface can not be wrinkled and deformed, and the degree of softness and hardness can be controlled freely, and the separate sewing inside also ensures its neatness and beauty, and these good effects are all Need to use high car sewing in the final joint.