How To Choose A Tablet Bag

1. Shockproof: If the love machine is accidentally bumped or dropped on the ground, the inner bag can effectively reduce the damage caused by the collision. This is determined by the characteristics of the material of the notebook liner bag; the better the material, the shockproof effect The better.

2. Waterproof: The waterproof function here refers to the function of water repellent. It means that when traveling and traveling, the bag can effectively prevent rainwater, water vapor and other damage to the tablet; instead of boasting like the manufacturer You can soak in the water for a few hours, and the tablet can be unscathed! Please note that even if the main fabric is waterproof, the zipper is not waterproof; even if some manufacturers use waterproof zippers, the zippered pinholes still cannot prevent water from entering.

3. Anti-wear: The handsome prostitute who often uses the tablet knows that the original beautiful tablet case will show off paint, scratches, etc. soon after use; this phenomenon is especially noticeable at the two corners of the front end of the tablet. This is because during the process of using the tablet, we often take the love machine out of the bag and put it in. If it is just outsourcing, it is easy to make the paint on the edge part be worn off; if you add a liner bag, the problem is Solved.

4. Decoration: Many liner bag manufacturers are constantly digging into ideas and innovations! Change the original single style and printing effect into a colorful and novel design; open the outsourcing and take out the liner bag you just bought. I believe that your colleagues, friends and family will definitely come around and ask where you got the good stuff. ! When you commute to work, holding the inner bag with the love machine directly in your hand is also an effective way to improve the rate of return.