How To Clean Your Backpack

Step One

I started off by giving it a strong scrub using a soft cloth and lukewarm water, no soap. I cleaned the interior and worked my way to the exterior, leaving the dirtiest spots last.

Step Two

I let it dry for about 15 minutes so I could better asses the spots that needed extra cleaning. It didn’t take long to dry because of the bags of waterproof materials.

Step Three

I gave certain areas a good almost dry scrub to get rid of any excess dirt before I added to soap.

Step Four

Instead of immersing the entire bag in a bath full of soap and water, I added just a touch of gentle hand soap to the bucket of water and then spot cleaned the stains.

Step Five

I opened all the vents and zippers and hung it out to dry.

The entire process took about an hour and my backpack looks good as new. Considering how much my backpack does for me, I thought it was time well spent.