How To Distinguish The Material Of The Storage Box

The market for electronic digital products has driven the development of the storage bag industry. More and more companies are using environmentally friendly EVA packaging boxes to make the outer packaging of products when selling goods. The consumption pattern has gradually shifted to the daily consumption expenses, and the storage bag occupies an important part in the daily life of many consumers. If you want to buy a good storage bag, you must first distinguish the material to avoid being deceived by inferior products.

     1, leather material. The leather material is the most expensive, but it is more afraid of water, fear of grinding, fear of pressure, fear of drawing, and is not environmentally friendly, and there is no price/performance ratio.

     2. PVC material. Like a tough guy, it is resistant to falling, impact, water, abrasion, and smooth surface. The biggest drawback is weight.

     3, PC material. The materials most commonly used and most popular on the market are made of PC material, which is lighter than PVC. For the pursuit of lightweight consumers, headset package manufacturers Chengfeng packaging is recommended to choose PC material.

    4, PU material. It is a synthetic leather, its advantages are breathable, waterproof, environmentally friendly, and the appearance is high-grade.

     5, Oxford cloth material. It is easy to wash and dry, soft to the touch and good in moisture absorption.