How To Pick The Right Camera Bag For Your Needs

How to Pick the Right Camera Bag for Your Needs

One of the things that most photographers, especially the newbies, take for granted is their camera bag. While others are quite picky with the bag they use for their paraphernalia (including the camera itself), quite a few are contented with just using their everyday backpacks.

Using the right camera bag is important because it is the main thing that you use to securely carry and transport your equipment. As there are quite a lot of choices in the market nowadays, choosing one that’s good, dependable, functional and sturdy can be quite difficult. To help you deal with this dilemma, here are some tips that you can use as a guide for buying your first camera bag.

Choosing the Ideal Camera Bag

The first thing you need to decide on is what type of camera bag you are going to buy. Yes, there are several types:

Pouches & Cases

These bags are meant only for small compact cameras, not for your DSLR. Most people use a camera pouch or case with a belt loop and wrist strap. These bags have pockets where small items like batteries and memory cards are kept.

Waist Belt

A slightly bigger camera bag is the waist pack. This is perfect for photographers who want convenience in carrying their paraphernalia. This hands-free option, though, is still not recommended for serious photographers.

Shoulder Bags

Shoulder bags are popular among many photographers. Most designs feature comfortable straps, rain flaps, durable zippers, and even some Velcro attachments. There are shoulder bags for cameras that have multiple pockets intended for accessories and small items. Additionally, many of these bags also have covers that are waterproof. The designs vary, so it will be easy to pick one that suits your needs or preferences.


Backpacks have become extremely popular choices for many serious photographers. One of the reasons for this is its functionality. They come in different sizes and are really spacious, so you can put in more than just your photography gear. Your backpack can accommodate not only camera accessories, but also other items like packed lunch, extra clothing, and your mobile phone.

Some backpacks have built-in wheels, so they can be easily converted into rolling bags. Absolutely perfect for when you travel to different assignments. There are rolling bags, though, that are made specifically for photographers. However, they are bigger and bulkier compared to backpacks.


If you use a single-lens DSLR or a bridge camera, the holster or zoomster may be the best camera bag for you. This snout-shaped bag is convenient to carry anytime, anywhere. It comes in different sizes and has multiple pockets for your accessories. A holster efficiently holds and protects a camera through its tapered cavity.

Hard Cases

Despite the many types that have surfaced in the past years, many photographers still prefer to use hard cases for their cameras and photography gears. Hard cases are as durable as you want them to be. You can kick your hard case or throw it around, and it won’t get all destroyed and torn up.

There are different styles for hard cases. Some look really simple, while others are shaped and sized uniquely. Some hard cases have closed-cell foam inside, while others are simply padded. They have collapsible handles and can also come with wheels.