Important Factors Affecting The Ready Stock

      The spot is also called in kind, refers to the goods which can be used for shipment, storage and manufacturing. Cash available for delivery can be exchanged in the short term or on a long term basis, or in advance for the goods that the buyer pays in the shortest period of time. The symmetry of futures.Ready Stock
      Price formation is not standard, risk can not be transferred. Because the contract price is signed according to the current supply and demand, and so on factors, and the implementation of the contract prices change is inevitable, in favor of one party must not benefit the other side. At the same time, the formation of prices is largely restricted by the region, it is difficult to form a fair price. Credit risk. The inevitability of price risk affects the validity of contract execution, and credit risk is unavoidable in this case. Ready Stock
      Buyers and sellers rarely, difficult to form a concentrated market, the buyer and seller negotiated bargaining agreement, negotiation skills and skills to grasp how much to form the price impact greatly. The contract specification is low. Every contract should be repeated to find customers, inquiry, preliminary negotiations, signing a series of links, all to the variety of quality, time, transportation and other factors debated, for the large business, this signing and implementation is very complex, the transaction costs corresponding increase.Ready Stock
    Spot investment fundamentals analysis should be before the technical analysis, the spot investment fundamentals include a lot of content, finally boil down to the macro-economy, political structure, supply and demand relations, related market four big aspects. Many technical analysts who are longer than the spot investment technology analysis focus on determining the trading direction of spot investment from K and technical indicators. But the fundamentals are the key to determine the trend of the spot market, the technical side only the spot market by the spot fundamental changes in the graphics after the performance.Ready Stock
    The impact of the spot fundamentals before the technical side of the performance. Therefore, to do a good job spot market analysis, spot investors before the technical analysis, we must first do the spot fundamentals analysis. In the four major cash investment fundamentals, the author put macroeconomic factors in the first place. In a sense, the macro-economy affects the overall trend of the spot market. Combining macroeconomic fundamentals, if the fundamentals reflect macroeconomic conditions generally good, venture capital products are good, and the spot market with risk aversion may be lower.Ready Stock