Internal Bag Purchase

At present, there are many internal bag brand of, the newest style, dazzling, overwhelming.
1. diving (also known as diving, English name called neoprene), waterproof, shockproof, heat, abrasion, is the most popular but also the most widely used materials;
2. high foaming (was called for diving or like diving, English name: High Resilience Foam);
3. foam (has good shock-absorbing, English name: Foam)
3. memory foam (also known as inert foam or memory foam, English name: memory foam)
4. EVA (common is EVA Stamper, according to customer design corresponds to the shape, material shaping well, wear-resistant effect, have good shock-absorbing)
Internal bag main categories currently on the market
1. inside zipper bag
2. double-sided Interior packages (over 2 sides can be used)
3. flip cover internal bag.
Recommend you use a good quality liner package, market riddled with internal bag product, quality, good internal bag can book more personalized and effective protection
In General, if you decide to buy a notebook bag, ahead of his love machine to do a "bust measurements", know its accurate lwh, and purchasing will be prepared.
1. most of a tank system is waterproof, shockproof, so be sure to see is when buying fabric, waterproof function should be: waterproof fiber, wetsuit material, shock-absorbing good should be: low-dismissed against polyurethane. Please view the product description, or when buying
Ask businesses.
2. size must be in line with. Notebooks sizes, not only the question whether widescreen, different notebook sizes and different manufacturers to design, and mark the same size within the actual size of the bag is not the same, so finding the right size bag is one of the largest user of the current notebook.
PS: when buying on the Internet must be controlled notebooks and internal bag size and recommended supports unconditional return policy of the seller.