Introduction Of The Armband Material

      Good armband: Depending on the choice of fabric, color and pattern matching, the professional design team can make an unexpected pattern and effect for the pro. Quality Fabric professional design, professional printing professional sewing technicians, to achieve more professional and more perfect products! Fabric Material: Cotton thickening origin: Hebei Jinju cloth Color: According to user requirements reflective band size: 2.5*45cm.Armband
     Reflective band Color: Silver Gray, Supply capacity: perennial stable supply of armbands fabric: high-grade thickening fabric. Armband Pattern: computer embroidery word, screen printing, heat transfer printing, unlimited color, can be customized arbitrary background and pattern, washable, not fade. Other Note: This armband is 5 cm wide. There are badges on the clothes to wear, no shoulder straps, please advance statement, the armband does not embroider the buttonhole, instead of pins or magic stickers. Anti-material Rating: Super (highlight), reflective coefficient R ': >65 cd/lx. M2 Washing performance IS06330: > 25, product certification: Products through the EN471 2003, ANSI 2004, H. R4040, SVHC standards. Increase the reflective band, night work more secure.Armband
     The naval ship armband armband is mainly used to identify the wearer's service status and play an important role in the daily work and management of the warship troops. Previously, the warship's duty armband had been using a cylindrical sleeves style with pins fixed to the upper arm. Which is usually called "sleeve hoop". With the development of the naval construction and the increasing of foreign affairs, the old armbands are not obvious in appearance, the fixed way is backward, the arms with the 07-style new military uniform and the position conflict of the symbol armbands are becoming more and more conspicuous. Armband
     To this end, by the Department of Military, Sea-mounted Shenji department and the ship Technical Department of the joint Organization, the Navy of a technical Institute of equipment specifically undertook this special task. After more than 1 years of shape design, process research, trial wear adjustment, perfect stereotypes and other processes, finally completed a new type of warship armband armbands and related standards of the preparation work.Armband