Laptop Case Details

    Chassis as part of the computer accessories, it played the main role is to place and fix the computer accessories, play a supporting and protection role. In addition, the computer chassis has an important role in shielding electromagnetic radiation. Although not very important in the configuration of DIY, but the use of poor quality of the chassis easy to make the motherboard and chassis short circuit, the computer system becomes very unstable.Laptop Case

    Chassis generally includes the shell, bracket, panel on a variety of switches, lights and so on. Shell made of steel and plastic combination, high hardness, mainly from the role of internal components to protect the chassis. The bracket is mainly used to secure the motherboard, power supply and various drives. There are many types of chassis. Now the market is more common AT, ATX, Micro ATX and the latest BTX-AT chassis full name should be BaBy AT, mainly applied to only support the installation of AT motherboards in the early machines. ATX chassis is currently the most common chassis, support now the vast majority of the type of motherboard. Micro ATX chassis is built on top of the AT chassis, in order to further save the desktop space, which is smaller than the ATX chassis size. Each type of chassis can only be installed to support the type of motherboard, generally can not be mixed, and the power supply is also different. So we must pay attention when buying.Laptop Case

    Laptop is also known as notebook, portable or laptop computer, is a small, easy to carry personal computer. The weight of a laptop usually weighs 1-3 kg. Its development trend is smaller and smaller, lighter weight, and the function is more and more powerful. The main difference between a laptop and a PC is its portableity. Notebook Compared with the desktop, notebook computers have a similar structure (monitor, keyboard / mouse, CPU, memory and hard drive), but the advantages of the laptop is still very obvious, its main advantages are small size, light weight, easy to carry The In general, portability is the biggest advantage of notebook computers relative to the desktop computer, the average weight of the laptop is only about 2 kg, whether it is to work or travel, can carry, very convenient.Laptop Case