Laptop Case Material

                The role of the computer chassis has three aspects: 1. Provide space to power supply, motherboard, a variety of expansion board, floppy disk drives, CD-ROM drives, hard drives and other storage equipment, and through the chassis internal support, stent, a variety of screws or clip clips and other connectors to secure these parts inside the chassis, forming an intensive type of overall 2. The solid shell protects the board card, the power supply and the storage equipment, can prevent the pressure, the impact, dustproof, and it also can play the electromagnetic interference, the radiation function, plays the shielding electromagnetic radiation function. 3. A number of easy-to-use panel switch indicators are provided, allowing the operator to manipulate the computer more conveniently or observe the operation of the microcomputer.Laptop Case

                The material of the computer case: the material part of the computer case can be divided into the steel part of the frame shell and the plastic part of the panel. High-quality chassis front panel plastic, are used in the production of ABS engineering plastics. This plastic-made chassis front panel is relatively strong and stable, high hardness, long-term use does not fade and crack, the time to wipe the comparison. and poor quality chassis on the use of ordinary plastic, the time of a long chassis front panel yellowing, disassembly process easily break open seam.Laptop Case

                High-quality chassis using SECC or SGCC galvanized steel plate, the use of this material chassis plate color shiny, metallic luster, the advantage of this steel plate is good corrosion resistance. But some shoddy chassis use tin-plated steel plate, namely the so-called tinplate, the chassis plate color hair ash. In addition, you can push the chassis frame that is torn down to shake it with a crank. High-quality chassis should be more stable, while the poor chassis light sloshing, heavy deformation corner separation. Poor quality chassis used steel texture is softer, installation card positioning is not easy to cause installation difficulties, need to pay attention.Laptop Case