Laptop Case Tells You About Performance Optimization

     Two-way dual-DC controller for notebook computers. The 2 output is a highly efficient, adjustable/DC controller for providing I/O power rails. These switching switches have pseudo fixed frequencies and adaptive on-time control. TPS51124 has been optimized for size and ease of use, providing a very handy solution with no burden of adding additional external components.Laptop Case

    This optimization is achieved through D-CAP mode: The simplest control mode, which supports the hurry transient response and does not require any loop compensation. In addition, the soft start time of each switching switch is integrated, and the optimized effect is achieved by integrating soft boot time, support for low side RDS (on) only detecting current (OCP), integrated conversion switch booster diodes, and always having the skip mode option to make the most efficient components. TPS51124 is also equipped with a separate power state for each switching switch with good indication and enabling end pins. This optimized solution is housed in a 4mmx4mm QFN-24 package.Laptop Case

    Optimize the two-way output, fixed d-cap mode, pseudo fixed frequency and adaptive time control, low side RDS (ON) nondestructive current detection, fixed internal soft start time and skip mode work, fully integrated soft shutdown, integrated boost diode and independent power state good indication signal, 3V to 28V input voltage range, Package: 4mmx4mm QFN-24.Laptop Case

    The external components are few and can support the following 100ns transient response, has been optimized to achieve the best performance and the solution size is small, lossless OCP eliminates the external resistance, the most suitable for relatively high light load efficiency, the most suitable for power sequencing, input voltage range is very wide, can support 3.3V, 5V, 12V and 19V input , packaged for small solution dimensions.Laptop Case