Laptop Case To Take You Through The Chassis Differences

    The advantages of mini computer host: Small portable Small is the biggest feature of the mini host, its volume is generally 1/30 of the traditional desktop host volume, the equivalent of a 130-page book thickness, long width such as A5 paper size. such as Datang's mini host is called "Book computer", precisely because the host looks like a book quietly on the table. Of course, the market also has smaller mainframe, such as a computer stick, the equivalent of a U disk size, mini host is very convenient to carry, and even can be directly placed in the trouser pocket can be brought anywhere, to the work of life to bring greater convenience. Save space Resources Mini mainframe small size, can be established can be fixed can be placed on the table in a small corner, you can also use a dedicated rack fixed in the display or electricity: the screen behind, for now office or home life to make a wider space resources, desktop a clean and tidy space. In the modern life resources are limited, the house price, the government rent rises unceasingly, the office equipment, the household appliances and so on also increasingly need the mini compact modelling, the mini host also is catering to the people's demand. Fashionable and beautiful most traditional desktop mainframe model, has been unable to meet the aesthetic needs of modern people.Laptop Case
   and mini mainframe fashion design, coupled with small and exquisite, whether on the desk, living room or study, are very artistic, to life and work to bring more enjoyable experience. Silent environmental protection traditional big desktop noisy noise has seriously affected computer workers, gamers and the experience of home life, in this source of ubiquitous living space, people can not afford more pollution. Mini host due to the use of fan-free thermal design, the whole machine in operation can achieve 0 noise, it brings a quiet experience of work and life, has been loved by people. Low power consumption, energy-saving mini host using Low-power processor, thermal design power-consumption TDP generally 10w-17w up and down, while the traditional mainframe power consumption average in 100w~150w, is the mini host power consumption of 10 times times or even greater.Laptop Case
    Performance of a strong mini host has matured, after several years of exploration and accumulation, at present, most of the mini host can meet the 70% users of office, entertainment and industrial control, display playback, and other basic needs, although most of the mini host is still set design, but some of the high configuration of the mini host, the overall performance is no less. Security and stability mini host due to small size, high integration of the motherboard, chip design and other components are very compact therefore, most of the mini host can be stable operation for a long time, not easy to appear due to individual hardware problems and affect the whole machine operation or interruption, or even damage the whole machine, while the traditional large desktop host because of a variety of hardware stacking more, easy to appear compatibility or individual parts unstable and affect the overall operation of Laptop Case