Leather E-commerce Development Trend In The Future

“In the long run, leather enterprises in the e-commerce road, is a trend. But from now, would remain the mainstream of traditional sales channels. First, most manufacturers of leather sales and brand image are still dominated by traditional channels, the other is the e-commerce channel itself there are many limitations, such as shoes, leather products can't experience on the Internet, in-store, does a product get along well in the field can be verified. ”Leather, Guangdong Province, Wang Jianxin, Director of the Association, told reporters, he thinks the next traditional channels and e-commerce channels replaced and there is no question of who could balance.
Leather enterprise e-commerce how to go on the road in the future, what are the trends? In this regard, Shanghai Jin-release advisory management company senior marketing Advisor Liu Tuo believes that future leather enterprise e-commerce to the following directions.
First, the platform trend will become more and more obvious, large leather products category complete shopping mall will continue to emerge. This type of trading platform will be with its perfect function, gathered most of the excellent brand of leather products, these brands are factory authorized to operate, 100% genuine safeguards, in terms of logistics and free delivery, free returns, and can provide the perfect shopping experience for consumers.
Second, the brand into the experience of interacting with consumers marketing stage. This stage of brand marketing interactive reflected in two a aspects, a is products brand itself to and consumers of marketing interactive, reached line online Xia linkage and the across media linkage of effect, as aokang of “kanglong brand and Hunan TV happy family of signed” and “purchased Austrian Kang shoes has opportunities was non-Cheng not rejection site tickets” of activities, is relies on Hunan TV, and Jiangsu TV super high of popularity and concern degrees to upgrade brand image, then led products of sales; II is trading platform and consumers of interactive, as “happy Amoy happy” network, 3D models mimic real Mall scene, consumers can buy homes and try the clothes, shoes and other goods, this combination of technology and fashion products will give consumers new experiences.
Third, both brands, or trading platform, will word of mouth marketing is an important aspect which deserve our attention in the future. Now many domestic brands in terms of brand marketing's main purpose is to drive sales through lots of ads, when consumers recommend products to their friends and family, only ad impressions, lacking highlights and the basis of the product itself. Leather enterprises doing e-commerce, cannot be confined to simple as channel sales through the Internet, can also brand concept, corporate culture, value concept and creative design competition and public welfare activities, such as depth of field.