Ministry Of Health Regulations Bag Shoe 7 Must A Medical

The Ministry of Health issued a circular asking for shoes, bags and other industry professionals to carry out occupational health examination, in violation of regulations will be punished.
Notice that the shoes, bags and other adhesives business, still have no name, no address, no certificate of the "three noes" highly toxic glue, some poisoning of workers fell ill, could not be effectively diagnosed and treated.
For the protection of the health of workers and the legitimate rights and interests, the Ministry of health requested, who engaged in processing, leather processing, toy manufacturing, footwear, furniture, decoration materials and embroidery industries such as employer, has yet to undergo a medical examination of workers exposed to toxic, prior to November 1 Organization
Workers to local health administrative departments concerned specified occupational health examination institutions carry out a health check.
For patients with occupational poisoning found in the examination, must be sent in a timely manner about the diagnosis and treatment of occupational diseases for diagnosis and treatment, medical examination and treatment costs borne by the employer. For those who do not carry out occupational health inspections of employers; not in accordance with the arrangements provided for diagnosis and treatment of patients with occupational poisoning, local health administrative departments will be punished according to relevant regulation.