NEW GPS Case Solve Your Riding Problems

GPS is very important for bike enthusiasts,but when you are riding in a rainy day or a sunshine day, there would be a great reflect on the GPS screen, then you can not see the route clearly or easily, when this happens, how to cope with it, now we have solve this problem.

Now this problem is solved, we develped a GPS case solved this probelm and make your riding eaily. 

This GPS case is made of high quality PU, EVA and PVC board. ThePU materials is a kind of waterpoof material and so is the zipper cloth, the EVA keeps the case from crash damage, and the  curve PVC shade easily prevents the sunshine or the rain to the GPS screen. All these factors make protects your device perfectly and make your riding easily with the clear route on GPS.

Our facotry devote to develop different function case to solve differnet problems and make your life easy and colorful. Sincerely hope our products would have the chance to serve you. 

If any interst in our products or our facotry, please email me: Crystal Yu, thank you.