Notebook Bag Features

To protect internal bag, shock-proof, scratch-resistant, anti-collision function, meet the versatile carrying. Even is with a size, also will because notebook of brand inconsistent and led to size slightly has differences, as also is 14.1 inches of notebook computer package, Lenovo or BENQ of thickness to than DELL of more 0.5-1.0 cm around, General,, if decided to purchase notebook within bile package, needed ahead of will himself of love machine do a "measurements measurement", know its accurate of long wide high, then purchase on will prepared.
1. shock-proof
Love accidentally crashed or dropped on the floor, laptop bag can be effective in reducing damage caused by collisions on the, this is a notebook bag material characteristics; better material, shock-the better.
2. waterproof
Waterproof function, accuracy refers to the splash-proof function, refers to travel or do business when the inner bag to protect against rain, moisture and other notebook violation; rather than as manufacturers boast about it can be soaked in water for several hours, laptops were unscathed! Please note: even if the subject fabrics are waterproof, zipper parts are not waterproof; even if some manufacturers use waterproof zippers, zipper sewing needle still does not stop the water immersion.
3. anti-wear and scratches
Often using notebook of guy Shorty are know, originally beautiful of notebook shell, in using Hou soon will appeared off paint, and designated marks,; this phenomenon in notebook front-end of two a corner at is obviously, this is due to we in using notebook computer process in the, often will will love machine from package in out, and into, if just using outsourcing, is easy makes notebook of edge part of roast paint was mill off; if plus a notebook within bile package, problem on solved has.
4. decorative
Many laptop bag manufacturers constantly seeking innovation! Will a single style and printing results with the words full of innovative design; open outsourcing, took out bought bag, sure your coworkers, friends and family will come up and ask where did you get the good stuff! Commute times and holds the internal bag equipped with PC directly in the hand, is also an can improve rates of practices