Performance Of GPS Case

     Desktop mainframe box noise is very loud, what is the reason? Mainframe noise is estimated because your power supply fan or CPU fan time is too long, inside dry, to put some oil in the inside this is mainly the power supply fan problem, you can try to change a good point of power. Fan, including the fan of the Power \cpu\ video card. You can clean the fan yourself, or you can change it.GPS Case
     A big boot noise, most of which are power supply fans and CPU fans, now a lot of fan life is very short, if you often use the computer, do not recommend refueling, it is best to replace a good quality fan to extend the use of time, after all, this is an important part of the computer, the computer is not stable, most of the crash related to it, In addition, the basic cleaning and maintenance of the computer, but do not use the computer as much as possible with oily substances and chemicals, because the oily material condensation hot melt, long time on the computer damage, chemical substances are easy to damage the computer precision.GPS Case
     Although static electricity ubiquitous phenomenon is already an objective fact, but a considerable number of users still do not realize that their body due to air flow and clothing friction generated by static electricity will have thousands of volts, this is usually only dozens of volts of the large-scale integrated circuit is a devastating disaster. In order to deal with some of the problems of friends, the author found that a considerable part of the final identification of the motherboard north-south bridge damage is caused by the clean host accidentally touch the related chipset.GPS Case
     In addition to unnecessary loss caused by human negligence, the rest of the majority is still ungrounded or even ungrounded, this type of mainframe back plate with more discharge phenomenon, accumulated and up to thousands of volts of static electricity, in the discharge of the huge electromagnetic field and very high frequency spectrum seriously interfere with the main engine components and the normal operation of the Board card, GPS Case
     This is also responsible for the partial failure of the foregoing. Alternative destruction is still dangerous, due to poor grounding and accumulation of static electricity inside the host, in addition to lead to the very destructive results mentioned earlier, but also a large number of dust adsorption. Thus, on the one hand, reduce the insulation resistance of electrical components, so that its rated service life greatly shortened, on the other hand, the host operating conditions become worse, more easily induced by heat dissipation and short-circuit caused by the mishap.GPS Case