Problems Not To Be Ignored In GPS Case

For the server, the chassis is also a problem that cannot be ignored, the main problems of the chassis include: temperature: How to cool the internal components of the chassis? Fans (usually from the power supply) should be blown directly or blown over the processor. Expansion capability: Select a chassis with enough space for network expansion.GPS Case

Make sure you have enough space to add more hard disks and other peripherals. Check the inside of the chassis to make sure there are no sharp edges. In future upgrades, this is important for the safety of technicians and the avoidance of accidental disconnection of cables. The chassis should also enable the maintenance staff to easily access internal components for future upgrades or troubleshooting.

Authentication: Select the chassis and power supply that satisfies your environment requirements certificate.GPS Case Typical certification has FCC, UL and CE. For the General Enterprise Department-level server, generally choose more than 4U or tower server, however, how to such a strong performance of the server to choose a stable home, but is a often overlooked problem.GPS Case

Horizontal chassis in the computer after a considerable period of time to occupy the majority of the chassis market share, the horizontal chassis outside the small, for the whole computer appearance is also stronger than the vertical chassis, and because the display can be placed on the chassis, less space. However, compared with the vertical chassis, the disadvantages of the horizontal chassis are also very obvious: extended performance and poor ventilation performance, these shortcomings also led to the main market in the horizontal chassis gradually replaced by vertical chassis. In general, only a few commercial machines and teaching machines will use horizontal chassis.GPS Case