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          The spot is also called in kind, refers to the goods which can be used for shipment, storage and manufacturing. Cash available for delivery can be exchanged in the short term or on a long term basis, or in advance for the goods that the buyer pays in the shortest period of time. The symmetry of futures.Ready Stock

          Spot trading refers to the buyer and seller in accordance with the agreed payment methods and delivery methods to take immediate or in a relatively short period of time to carry out physical goods settlement of a transaction. The main differences are: (1) The settlement time is different: spot transactions are usually done immediately or in a very short time, and the delivery date of the spot electronic transaction is predetermined. (2) The transaction object is different: The spot transaction object mainly is the physical goods, but the spot electronic transaction object is the standardized contract, is the contract. (3) The purpose of the transaction is different: The purpose of the spot transaction is to let the commodity ownership; The object of the spot electronic transaction is to get the difference or to avoid the risk. (4) Different trading venues: Spot transactions are not subject to trading time, place, object constraints, and the random, and the spot electronic transactions are fixed. (5) The settlement method is different: The settlement method of spot transaction has one-time settlement, goods to payment or installment, while the spot electronic transaction market implements daily clearing system.

Spot electronic trading is the highest form of trade, and futures electronic trading is the highest form of finance.Ready Stock

          Spot electronic transactions, is based on the physical basis of a trading method, in 21st century today, in E-commerce more and more developed society, the spot is also an electronic trading mode to carry out e-business operations. Through the spot electronic transaction way, can achieve many advantages and convenience, save a lot of cost. Of course, because of the dual nature of goods, as well as market traders (manufacturers, demand-makers, intermediaries), must have the role of the middleman to play the lubricant, the abbreviation: Investors, or speculators, to form a complete market. In a comprehensive sense, the spot electronic transaction, itself is for the transformation of the ownership of goods, but because of the dual nature of goods and the structure of the market, but also brought a certain form of finance. The spot market is a new way of investing between trade and finance.

          Futures electronic trading is a future contract deal. He is more biased in financial terms, if the painting of a pyramid, then the risk of futures should be at the top, he is more risky than stocks, of course, the return is high. Uncertainty over the future time of the commodity and its 10% margin have caused a lot of volatility. Moreover, it is not every spot commodity can be used to trade, must achieve a certain standard.Ready Stock