Safety Armbands Wear Management Approach

To strengthen the safety management of the company, to improve the safety armbands of employees, increase safety work in the "three violations" behavior of the investigation and strengthen our full responsibility for security, specially developed safety armbands wearing management approach.

One, armband with allotment:

(1) "safety inspection", "security officer" armband by the company's Department of Safety and Environmental Protection unified production, unified distribution, dedicated.

(2) "security check" armband distribution to the company, the workshop (department) security officer and in charge of safety leadership; "security officer" sleeve distribution to the workshop security officer, team leader and team safety team leader.

Second, the use of armbands requirements:

(1) Safety armbands are worn on the middle of the upper arm of the left hand, the logo is outward, and the logo of the safety armband is kept clear and clean at all times.

(2) the company, the workshop (department) security officer, team leader and team safety team leader into the production site, you must wear the appropriate safety armband.

(3) the company to organize security checks when all the inspectors must wear a "security check" armband.

Third, the assessment: safety and environmental protection department at any time spot checks and found that the requirements of wearing armbands are not required.