Share The Laptop Case Purchase Method !

What are the EVA computer package purchase methods and attention details? We all know that if you want to avoid your computer motherboard or other accidental injuries, having a computer bag is a good choice.

Difference: There are differences in workmanship and fabrics. Generally, the original package will be worse in the choice of fabrics, some choose poor materials, and some use less on the materials. In the work of the original package is not paying attention to, such as more wire ends is to reduce the inspection process. The difference in warranty. The original original package is a one-year warranty, and the brand package is a lifetime warranty.

Discrimination: The difference between different original bags and brand bags is not the same, but generally the following methods can be used. Workmanship and fabrics: This is a professional, it is difficult for people to distinguish; labels, zippers, LOGO.

For some new iPad fans, a computer bag is a must. For those who often deal with water, consider having a simple computer bag. There is no need to worry about your ipad being eroded by water. Even more incredible is that it has a strap so you can hang it around your neck. If you wear it to swim by the water, I believe it will attract many potential consumers.