Tablet Bag Purchase

Generally speaking, if you decide to buy a liner bag, you need to make your own love machine into a “measurement measurement” in advance, knowing its exact length, width and height, and then you will be prepared for purchase.

1. The biggest role of the inner bag is waterproof and shockproof. Therefore, it is necessary to see what kind of fabric is used when purchasing. The waterproof function should be: waterproof fiber, wetsuit fabric, good anti-shock function should be: low anti- Resin polyurethane. Please check the product description or ask the merchant when purchasing.

2. The size must match. Tablet PCs vary in size, not only whether there is a widescreen problem, but also the size of the tablet PCs designed by different manufacturers. The actual size of the liner bag marked with the same size is different, so it is currently the case to find a suitable size. One of the biggest problems for tablet users.