The Advantage Common Sense Of Ready Stock Investment

             One, what is the Spot warehouse order and the Spot warehouse transaction: First we understand what is called the Spot warehouse, "the so-called Spot warehouse is a part of the present or future within a certain period of time to purchase or sell the warehouse order stipulated in the standard goods of the voucher." Spot Warehouse single transaction is the form of a certain margin for the sale of cash warehouse orders.Ready Stock

             Second, how to obtain the profit of spot electronic transactions: for spot producers and raw material demand manufacturers, the role of the stock exchange is to use a quick and transparent way to better sell and buy raw materials, and for ordinary investors, we do not need physical, so we buy price and sell price space between the price is our profit. The simple thing is to buy a warehouse, sell a warehouse order and get a profit.Ready Stock

             Three, two-way line of spot electronic transactions: The spot market can be short, that is to say, if the forecast price falls, you can sell empty, and other prices fell, and then flat, so as to gain profits, the same can be long, if the forecast price rise, buy long, and so on the price rise, and then flat, the same profit.Ready Stock

             IV. Security deposit for spot electronic transactions: generally 20%, for example, the price of one-hand agricultural products for 10,000 yuan, investors only need 2000 can own this warehouse list, if the price rose 10%, that is, 11,000 yuan, then investors will profit 1000 yuan, relative to his investment in the principal $number said, profits 50%. Relative to the stock of 100% margin, spot is very advantageous, and relative to the futures of the 10% margin, spot risk is relatively small. and gold investment 1% margin risk is huge, do not recommend operation. I accidentally burst into a warehouse.Ready Stock