The Best Ways To Stash Your Phone On A Run

The Best Ways to Stash Your Phone on a Run

If you are asking yourself “where do I keep my phone on a run?”, we know that many common options including in your bra, in your waistband or in your hand are less than ideal. So, where is it safe?

A waist belt pack built specifically for storage that holds phone snugly. The FlipBelt ($28.99) is highly rated for this function and was designed to be a low-profile and safe way to store your phone, a small water bottle, keys, credit cards, cash, identification card and small medical devices without added bounce or bulk. The sleek, tubular design also means it won’t rub your body or cause chafing while you’re running.

A large, secure fitting pocket that stays close to your body. The front pocket on the FlipBelt Crops($89) works exactly like the FlipBelt, giving you a place to securely stow your phone while you’re out on a run, along with a smaller pocket in front for your keys. The Crops also feature a zippered pocket in the rear to secure any cash or cards you need to bring with you.