The Ready Stock Market Continues To Staged High-quality Cotton Does Not Fall Legend

Recently, the Ready Stock market market gradually divided, the main feature is the low-quality cotton "volume reduction", high-quality cotton is still strong, staged high-quality cotton is not the legend.

First, 2016 annual production of cotton fell

As of 26, Jilu 3128, 4128 real estate cotton prices were 15,400 yuan / ton, 14,900 yuan / ton (delivery, gross weight), the price center of gravity fell 100 yuan / ton earlier this week. Right now, the price of real estate cotton and the basic flat, individual manufacturers even upside down. Many ginning factories, this week, real estate cotton regardless of the quality of the pros and cons, are sold. According to this situation, after the Dragon Boat Festival, real estate cotton or continue to fall.

Second, the State Reserve real estate cotton nobody cares

Recently, traders, some textile mills sales of real estate sales of film, of Ready Stock which 13 (horse value B3, breaking strength S3, containing 1.8) price 15,000 yuan / ton (delivery), the seller said more, Responsible for shipping costs, but still very few useful cotton enterprises to buy. According to a trader, Ready Stock the recent volume of domestic cotton output cotton is very low. Enterprises in the auction before the general have to go to the reservoir after reading the big goods before deciding whether to bid for real estate cotton.

Third, Xinjiang cotton in full swing

26, Henan Zhengzhou library "double 28" 2016 annual output of Xinjiang cotton prices 16400-16500 yuan / ton (delivery, gross weight), the price center of gravity than 25 flat. "Double 29" "double 30" price is still in the 16800-17000 yuan / ton. According to the cotton business, the recent high quality Xinjiang cotton to see goods, inquiry in an endless stream, although the request for delivery of cash, but still can not block the downstream procurement enthusiasm. State Reserve Xinjiang cotton in the quality of slightly lower than the 2016 annual production of Xinjiang cotton, but the demand can still be. According to many textile enterprises, the current national storage Xinjiang cotton in the market price significantly higher than everyone to accept the ability, but Ready Stock companies have to purchase. Because the production of 32S and above yarn branch must use Xinjiang cotton, or with cotton or all Xinjiang cotton. In short, the Xinjiang cotton is cut constantly, reason also chaos.

Recently, the market for Xinjiang cotton, especially high quality Xinjiang cotton is still bullish, continue to write not fall legend. First, the market supply and demand of the structural tight. On the one hand, 2016 annual production of Xinjiang cotton, especially high-quality Xinjiang quilts several large domestic companies or multinational companies "snow"; the other hand, the recent national storage of Xinjiang cotton number has decreased the trend. This week, maintained at 1.2-1.3 million tons, Ready Stock is difficult to meet the needs of the auction business, the turnover rate of 100%; second is the necessary textile products. In recent years, the domestic textile continue to high, high with the development of raw materials required for the quality requirements are also rising. At present, Ready Stock the vast majority of manufacturers of raw materials used in Xinjiang cotton-based, followed by real estate cotton.

Therefore, the contradiction between supply and demand is still the reason why Xinjiang cotton continues to rise.