The Relevant Little Knowledge Of The Armband

     Which hand does the armband usually take? The armband on the left hand is usually worn on the left arm. In general, the sponsor's trademark is on the right arm, can only wear the captain's armband on the left arm, if worn on the right arm will block the sponsor's trademark and other things. Another argument is that the left arm is close to the heart and is worn on the left arm as a symbol of the team's soul and core.Armband
    First, the Armband allotment: (1) "Security check" "Safety member" armband by the company's safety and Environmental Protection Department unified production, unified allotment, dedicated person. (2) "Security check" armband allot to company, Workshop (department) Safety officer and in charge of safety leader;
The "security officer" armband is dispensed to the Workshop safety officer, team leader and team security team leader. Second, the use of the armband: (1) The safety armband is worn in the middle of the left arm, marking the typeface outward and keeping the logo clear and clean at any time. (2) Public
    Department, Workshop (department) Safety officer, team leader and team leaders to enter the production site, must wear the appropriate safety armband. (3) All participating inspectors must wear a "security check" armband when the company organizes security checks. Third, Assessment: Safety and Environmental Protection Department at any time to conduct spot checks, found that the wearing of the armband is not required to wear once, punish the parties 20 yuan; Security management function Department personnel to enter the work site did not wear the armband double assessment.Armband
    As a result of several serious public safety accidents, the public transport departments have been wearing the "Safety check" of the tea cage signs for bus drivers and conductors to show that they attach great importance to safety and implement the action of safety measures. The sea breeze is blowing gently, the ships under the night sky berth silently ... In fact, its interior is not quiet, sailors wear value armbands, in their respective positions busy. Judging from last year's military promotion of the military rank ceremony, The generals were adjusted from 33mm to 50mm. And from the previous winding half circle into a circle, and then the question came, from last year's military promotion to the military rank ceremony photos, the Generals ' band was adjusted from 33mm to 50mm. And from the previous winding half circle into a circle, and then the question came, the Navy commander will review the Russian Navy in the formation of the Navy dress, but also from the 33mm adjusted to 50mm? Also hope that professionals can answer, but it seems that will officials and lieutenant still have a difference ... The armband impressively is the style before adjusting!Armband