The Transformation Of The Laptop Case

    With the continuous development of IT technology, progress, product replacement, was eliminated more and more notebook. But are we able to use these outdated notebooks? The answer is yes. Today to teach you to make full use of the old notebook LCD screen, so that it can play "Yu Guang." But the premise is that these are removed from the LCD screen must be good (TMDS LCD screen can not be assembled).Laptop Case

    Required material: the dismantling of the notebook LCD screen (the LCD screen model is generally on the back of it, when the demolition is obvious on the outside, you only need to write down the model, when buying the kit only need to say the model with the store (Including the shell, high voltage board, drive signal board, power adapter), burner (brush program hardware tools), and a mouth line (a male and a female head), USB power adapter cable (For powering the burner).

    It should be noted that each piece of the LCD screen produced when the corresponding models, and each model has a corresponding driver. Only according to the type of LCD screen and drive signal board to determine which drive the LCD screen, then the corresponding driver can be written to the signal board. Signal plate model to determine the method: look at the chip.Laptop Case

    Determine the drive method: For example, take this article LG LP133X7 (A2), for example, the resolution is 1024 * 768, find 1024 * 768 procedures, and then, then the screen interface definition, the resistance between each group of signals Is about 100 euros, a total of 4 groups, which is a single 6, you are looking for si6l procedures, that is, a single 6, which basically can determine a few procedures. And then write into the test on the line, not on the change. In this case, the drive name of the LCD screen is: RTD2025L_PNL_L141X1_LP141X3_B133XN03_tx31d70vc1cab_SI6L_XGA_NA_5key.hex Laptop Case

    First connect the line: the parallel port, the monitor's VGA jack, USB power supply interface into the burner. And the other end of the mouth line inserted in the computer's printer interface (provided that the computer must have this printer interface, has tried to use the adapter, but can not succeed), USB plug in the computer's USB interface to the burner power supply.Laptop Case