The Type And Details Of The Armband

     Captain armband refers to the football team in the field captain wearing a sign on the arm. Each football game, each team's field captain should wear armbands, if the captain was replaced, then he will put the armband on another player on the field arm.Armband

     Paste type, usually in the formal competition in the professional team will wear such armbands. The armband is placed in a rectangular shape, and the lower left and right upper (or the upper left and right lower) are viscous. Wear the sleeves wrapped around the arm, the two stickers can be a good sticky. Elastic type, armband can not be tiled. In the middle of the back of the armband with a few elastic bands, wearing full use of elastic support brace, the armband directly wrapped around the arm. If it is for the kind of arm is very thin, and the width of the armband is very wide, then the armband is very easy to fall. Paste type, this is a new captain armband. Armband

    FIFA standard captain armband blue and yellow color are this type. In the paste next to the side of the plus two upper and lower elastic band, you can make the sleeve tightly put on the arm, making the captain running in the field, the armband is not easy to fall off. Can be divided into: FIFA standard, public interest standard, ordinary C word standard, flag, foot standard, club standard, brand standard and ordinary logo standard. FIFA logo for the FIFA fair competition logo. (Fifa fair play / my game is fair play) mostly for the World Cup, World Youth Championship, Confederations Cup and other world games. Marked with orange, dark blue, light blue, light yellow of several points, according to the color of the jersey and decide what kind of color standard. Public interest, the pattern of "against racism" (say no to racism); "United Nations Children's Fund" (unicef) and so on. Most of the national team for the intercontinental game, such as the 2008 European Cup team captain of the golden green captain armband is the "public pattern", a small number for the club. Such as Milan's Maldini had worn "unicef" public interest standard.Armband