The Various Meanings Of The Armband

    A goal of the team need to have a leader or spiritual pillar ah, how can the boss no longer play, the field will need a captain, and I think the captain for the impact of young players is immeasurable, there are a lot of met Big scenes on the foot of the young players, may be because of his usual training with the captain of life in the field and he fought side by side, only peace of mind it. And I think the captain's armband for the captain himself is also an incentive, as the captain always have a captain look like Well Armband

    However, according to my long, many times to observe and experience, even if put on the "security check" signs, in addition to the original work, the other to fulfill what duties? And take the same with the original what specific measures? To be sure, no matter what the original intention of the bus department, but are deceiving. Imagine, before the occurrence of a security incident, is not it still these drivers and conductor? Is it because they do not wear a "security check" logo? Put on this red armband, criminals do not know you are still the original driver and conductor it? Will you be able to deter them and do not have a similar security accident yet? Really funny!Armband

    Of course, should not only deal with the bus safety problem so, education and teaching similar phenomenon is not everywhere? In order to meet the requirements of the new round of curriculum reform, or forced by the new curriculum reform situation, how many schools are not in the "hanging sheep to sell dog meat" - under the banner of the name of the curriculum, paste the curriculum changes, even more intensified To dry the "examination" education activities? The And hesitate to be admitted to the number of Peking University Tsinghua University is also attributed to the growth of false lessons on the head, so that their curriculum name has become more brilliant, and their own is really a pioneer or elite school. How many teachers are not in the teaching link on the hard standard on what "self-learning", "cooperation to explore", "show feedback" or even "to enhance the" text symbols, but in reality are the same with a furnace - Through the different labels to complete what pre-class questions, classroom exercises, class to consolidate the problem, after the difficulty of testing questions, etc., called a wide variety, endless, enjoying themselves, can not be described as "afraid not to do, afraid to think" The I do not know these school leaders and teachers thought no, in the heart how to endure: how many children you destroy the body? How many children twisted the mind? How many people may lose at the starting point but can win the end of the child just won at the starting point and always lost in the end? The How many children can get the Nobel Prize no longer have such a attainments? The Armband