The Way The Ready Stock Is Traded With Traditional Deals

    Spot also known as physical, refers to the delivery, storage and manufacturing use of physical goods. The spot for delivery may be replaced by cash in the near future or on a long-term basis, or the goods of the buyer who pay the goods within a very short period of time. The symmetry of futures. Spot trading is the first hand to pay the first-hand delivery of the transaction, or to take the barter of the transaction.Ready Stock

    Spot trading is generally applicable to the sale of agricultural and sideline products, small wholesale and retail transactions. In China, the retail business spot transactions, generally take the primary delivery of single-handedly money, silver goods two way; wholesale business spot transactions, in addition to single-handedly hand-paid way, but also to take through the bank to accept the commitment Way to settle within the deadline. Spot real goods. ① commodity futures trading process with physical properties, can be the actual delivery of products, such as gold, soybeans and so on. When the transaction is carried on, the seller shall deliver to the buyer on the due date of the futures contract. In fact, many futures trading can be delivered before the arrival date of the delivery date has been closed, there is little real sense of the spot delivery. ② spot the concept of goods under the spot. That is, the goods that can be delivered immediately, the general merchandise for trading on the market. At the time of the transaction, the seller delivers it to the buyer and the buyer pays the payment. And futures contracts under the transaction goods relative.Ready Stock

    The spot warehouse receipt is a certificate of ownership of the goods by the owner of the goods when the goods are delivered to the warehouse. Spot warehouse receipts registered by the trading market, you can enter the spot through the Internet trading system trading system transactions. Spot warehouses can be freely transferred within the market, the sale, but also the spot physical settlement. Spot trading is actually a standardized warehouse receipt transaction.

Spot trading is to use the network as a tool to e-commerce model for trading, buyers and sellers do not meet to the electronic trading market for the trading platform, the national government for the referee; is a combination of online and offline, realistic and virtual , The traditional economy and the combination of the network economy win-win model, fully solve the spot goods trading shelter, customer source, online settlement, logistics and distribution of many puzzles of the transaction form.Ready Stock