Three Advantages Of EVA Material

EVA material is the main raw material for the earphone bag. The EVA material is a copolymer of ethylene and vinyl acetate. This is a very elastic material that can be sintered into a porous material similar to rubber. It has excellent toughness, three times the flexibility of low density polyethylene, 750% stress elongation, and a peak melting temperature of 96 °C. It also has good barrier properties, low temperature toughness, resistance to stress cracking, hot melt adhesive waterproofing and UV radiation resistance; EVA raw materials have little or no odor, so in many electronic applications can compete with rubber and ethylene .

The reason why it is used as a raw material is mainly to look at the following three characteristics: 1. Soft, extremely elastic and strong, and can be pressed into various shapes after heating. 2, with good clarity and luster, waterproof, moisture-proof, breathable and extremely strong. 3, environmental protection, no pollution, no toxic, no harmful odor, easy to degrade, will not release harmful gases when burning.

With the current changes in the ecological environment, people are more and more fond of using environmentally friendly products, promoting green and healthy production, and using EVA materials to produce products with environmental protection and other functions.