Troubleshooting For Laptop Case

Features: can set the rotation angle, speed, test times and adjust the test bench height. Note-book test position is free to adjust the clearance time can be set directly display the swing rate (sub/per minute) model specifications and the main technical parameters of the angle setting 5~180times set (max) 999999 Swing Speed (max) 15 times/ Min (angle at 180 degrees) speed setting stepless speed-regulating machine size 730x635x790mm machine weight 85Kg power supply 1∮220v, 5A or specified.Laptop Case

This is caused by the power leakage or the mains not grounding. If there is no ground line you can find a wire to connect one end to the casing of the screw, one end to the metal pipe or heating pipe, attention to the need to remove the surface of the water pipe to direct contact with the wire. If there is no metal water pipe, the wall socket can be ground to the 0 line, but this method can only be used temporarily, long-term use has a great risk, especially thunderstorm weather.Laptop Case

There is no way to troubleshoot the computer (there is no drum capacitor in the overhaul). Step 1th: First check whether the computer's external wiring is connected, plug each line again, to see if the fault is excluded. Step 2nd: If the fault is still, then open the host box to see if there is any extra metal in the chassis, or the main board deformation caused by the short-circuit, smell the chassis has no burnt paste, the motherboard has no burnt chip, the capacitor around the CPU has no damage and so on.Laptop Case

If not, then clean the dust on the motherboard and check to see if the computer is normal. Step 4th: If the fault is still, then unplug the motherboard on the reset line and other switches, led connection, and then use a screwdriver short-circuit switch to see if it can boot. If you do not boot, then use the minimum system method, the hard disk, floppy drive, optical drive data cable unplugged, and then check whether the computer can boot, if the computer monitor appears on the screen, then the problem in these devices. Then each of the above devices to access the computer, when access to a device, the failure to reproduce, indicating that the fault is caused by this device, and finally focus on the inspection of the device.Laptop Case