What Is The Leather Logo?

Leather logo
Leather logo are certification marks registered in the Administration for industry and commerce, who wear leather products leather logo has three characteristics: 1, this product is made of high quality leather; 2, the product is a sophisticated high-end products; 3, consumers wear the leather products leather logo can enjoy good after-sales service. Not made of leather products will be able to wear the leather logo, to wear the leather logo, subject to rigorous review of the China leather industry association, approved before they can wear. China leather industry association every year to quality testing to ensure product quality.
So far more than more than 200 leather jackets and leather shoes, handbags business wear the leather logo, consumers buy and listen to. To explore the international market, 1998 leather logo has been registered in 14 countries.
Leather logo is a registered trademark by a whole sheep and a pair of Horn, skin deep art of deformation pattern. Overall pattern round drum, design Central GLP three letters, is the abbreviation of leather products, logo main body color is white with black, only three letters are red. Pattern meaning: cattle, sheep, pigs are three leather natural leather raw materials, a circular drum-shaped pattern, on the one hand symbolizes the main equipment drum of leather industry, on the other hand symbolizes the leather industry is rolling forward.
Leather logo tag
Leather logo plate is leather logo unique identification of products, leather products leather logo tag is hanging on, which indicates that the product is leather logo products. When consumers buy products leather logo, please note the product hanging leather logo tag. Consumers only buy wear leather logo leather products, to enjoy distributor, manufacturer and after-sales service of the three parties of the China leather industry association.